Bonus Chapters of Empire Road!!

Gosh it’s been such an extraordinary experience, both writing and then publishing Empire Road in daily instalments as I did. The process of allowing myself to spend my idle moments engulfed thinking about a topic that I find truly interesting was so luxurious for me, but then to have so many people also tell me they were also keen to read the story was beyond amazing. So far hundreds of people have purchased the book as a printed copy, or downloaded it, and a small number have purchased signed copies from my eBay listings, and I’m so so grateful.

To celebrate the success of Empire Road I have made a bonus gift for you all. When you’ve read the ending of Empire Road, simple send me a message on any platform with the last three words of the book and I will send you back a lengthy bonus chapter as a gift.

Below are the links to where you can get Empire Road in your area during lockdown. I look forward to hearing from ore of you!!

• eBay:

• eBay signed:

• Australia printed:

• Rest of the world Printed AND KINDLE:

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