Empire Road – Side Note # 3

As I’ve been uploading the chapters of Empire Road I’ve also been trying to create and upload as many illustrations as possible, to help explain the story and how I see it. One of the messages I get the most of is about uniforms and militaries that are discussed in the story. I keep getting messages from readers asking for side by side illustrations of the soldiers in their battle gear, to give a clear picture of what they wear in battle. So, I will add this to the list of pictures I will commit to offering.

In the meantime – I have finally… FINALLY finished the map for Empire Road!!! As a pen and ink drawing it took me over 26 hours to complete, I used up all the ink of over dozen pens and ya be a horrific case of tennis elbow now :-/ I will be making a video upload for YouTube tomorrow, and showing some detailed footage of the various places in the map. I will also be scanning the map and offering signed, high res copies for sale once the hard copy book is published.

I have been asked by a couple of readers where Empire Road will be available for purchase. It will be on sale at Amazon, as well as on eBay for signed copies with high def prints of the illustrations.

Thank you again to everyone who has shared posts and invited friends to like the page. I’m looking forward to announcing when the print edition is available online!

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To keep one of my agents happy I've started a blog... yup. It will mostly be a combination of stories I've written, stories that *actually* happened to me and stories I *want* to happen. Please susbcribe to my blog. and remember - if you read it and you enjoy it, please remember to share the link!

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