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The journey of publishing Empire Road has been a fascinating experience for me. Although I’ve also published several other books, this was the first time I’d put a work of my own creation. The bulk of Empire Road was written five years ago and I re-read it over the following years, editing and refining it several times. As a slight spoiler, there is a sequel to Empire Road, which is in a similar position; as I now fiddle with it and finalise it before I am able to publish it too.

From here, however, the future is unknown to me. If I had been asked in January whether I was going to publish Empire Road this year I would have said an absolute no. But lockdown, Covid19 and social isolation has changed so much for everyone, and as a result, with more time on my hands now than ever before, I have been able to edit the text one final time with my editor Tammy, and put it online for any and all to enjoy.

So now, as I find myself in the present, with social isolation and distancing laws changing yet again, and I am about to be thrown back into the frantic pace of life that I’ve always known, and I will most likely have little to no spare time available to spend on the illustrations and uploads of Empire Road that is love to have. And while this makes me more than a little sad, because I’ve truly come to love the chats and discussions that I’ve had with people from all over the world about the different chapters as they’ve been posted, it also means that I will now be limited by work and time to keep posting them in a way that introduces the story to new people who would also enjoy it as a work of literature.

So, after a lot of thought and consideration, I will be publishing Empire Road, both online and in hard copy, later this week. At present I have uploaded a little over half of the story here on WordPress, and this will make the other half available for any and all to access all in one hit.

Finally, I will start sending some sample chapters around to literary agents in the hope that one of them might pick it up. While I have a good reach as an independent publisher, and I tend to sell around 500-1000 of each of my true crime books, I truly believe that this books appeal with a mainstream audience is much larger, and I feel that an established publication house would be able to offer this story a far wider audience than I ever could. So, If anyone reading this post happens to know a literary agent who’d be keen to discuss representing Empire Road, and it’s sequel, Jericho Road, I would love you to show them 🙂

Stay tuned on Facebook and here on WordPress for the following posts while I’m still able and I look forward to your comments and messages as always.

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To keep one of my agents happy I've started a blog... yup. It will mostly be a combination of stories I've written, stories that *actually* happened to me and stories I *want* to happen. Please susbcribe to my blog. and remember - if you read it and you enjoy it, please remember to share the link!

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