Bonus Chapters of Empire Road!!

Gosh it’s been such an extraordinary experience, both writing and then publishing Empire Road in daily instalments as I did. The process of allowing myself to spend my idle moments engulfed thinking about a topic that I find truly interesting was so luxurious for me, but then to have so many people also tell meContinue reading “Bonus Chapters of Empire Road!!”

Empire Road – Part 37

Chapter 37Thronecoming The wind was starting to pick up and a light drizzle was beginning to fall.  We’d been trotting along the road for about five minutes and Boss turned around to look at me. “Mate, can you please come up here?” I got beside him on the drive seat and he gave me theContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 37”

Empire Road – Part 36

Leaving Roman Roads As we ventured out into the wilderness, we were surprised to see no dead at all. Although we have a fair idea of how many there might be out there based on the one or two we see each journey on the other side of the fence, we are raised in everyContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 36”

Empire Road – Part 35

Hole in the Wall After a brief discussion, it was agreed that the only option was to go south and turn off the Empire Road to Pan and warn them of New Rome’s plans to attack from the south. I was still quite tired, so I found a place to curl up on the backContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 35”

Empire Road – Part 34

The Caravan We got our swords and ran out of the hotel. Ben and Alexis were hitching up the Clydesdale to the pole cart and we walked alongside the home cart toward the gates of Upper Market. Alexis had removed all signs of circus from the wagons. The bunting was gone and so were theContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 34”

Empire Road – Part 33

Upper Market The Upper Market stinks. When we got inside they had everything we could possibly want and Boss bought us all hot meat pies and wine. It felt amazing to eat and drink when we were so hungry. Alexis stayed with the pole cart the whole time to make sure no one went pokingContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 33”

Empire Road – Part 32

The Hanging Tree The horses walked slowly toward the ramshackled remains of the two large buildings. The road had heaped piles of wood, bricks and debris stacked about waist high all along it, but the structure in front of us was clearly once a part of the city walls. After seeing what the Jessop battering-ramsContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 32”

Literary Agent

The journey of publishing Empire Road has been a fascinating experience for me. Although I’ve also published several other books, this was the first time I’d put a work of my own creation. The bulk of Empire Road was written five years ago and I re-read it over the following years, editing and refining itContinue reading “Literary Agent”

Empire Road – Part 29

Into the Wind The sun broke through when we hit the open fields. The earth was a strange sight because I’d never seen anything quite like it before. It had a grey colour, like the dirt that’s always underfoot, but it wasn’t compacted like it usually is out in the forests or beside the empireContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 29”

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