Bonus Chapters of Empire Road!!

Gosh it’s been such an extraordinary experience, both writing and then publishing Empire Road in daily instalments as I did. The process of allowing myself to spend my idle moments engulfed thinking about a topic that I find truly interesting was so luxurious for me, but then to have so many people also tell meContinue reading “Bonus Chapters of Empire Road!!”

Empire Road – Part 37

Chapter 37Thronecoming The wind was starting to pick up and a light drizzle was beginning to fall.  We’d been trotting along the road for about five minutes and Boss turned around to look at me. “Mate, can you please come up here?” I got beside him on the drive seat and he gave me theContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 37”

Empire Road – Part 36

Leaving Roman Roads As we ventured out into the wilderness, we were surprised to see no dead at all. Although we have a fair idea of how many there might be out there based on the one or two we see each journey on the other side of the fence, we are raised in everyContinue reading “Empire Road – Part 36”

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